Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The first day!

Hi everyone,

Our first day went very well put aside some little problems. First of all our flight from Montreal - Denver was delayed a bit, the result of this is that our luggage's didn't arrive at the same time as we did in San Diego. We also had one of our guy, François, that got search at the custom but then again without any major incident.

Now the big problem of the day was me losing my drivers license. I can't tell enough how bad this is especially when you were the one supposed to drive the team around for this year. Anyway with the help of Eric, one of our friend here, we managed to get a car. So again a great ending to something that could have been really worst.

Now for the fun part, we got the sub and it was in great shape. No damage at all in the transport from Burlington to San Diego. We also managed to test it a bit. It went great and we should do even more tests today and even try some parts of the mission.


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