Monday, July 9, 2007

Let's start the rush !

Today is THE day.
Today is a tough day.
Today is the beginnig of the "competition" mode for 8 of us.

The day we take the plane to go to the competition is always a hard one. Not only because we don't sleep for the whole night but also because it's always complicated to go through the US customs with a AUV.

Here is the plan for the day:
* Meeting at the lab
* Go to the airport
* Have fun with the customs :)
* Get in the plane
* Connection at Denver
* Arrive to San Diego
* Go get the car
* Go get the room at the hotel
* Go get some food
* Go get the AUV
* Unpack everything
* Grab a beer
* Make sure there is nothing broken on the AUV
* Go to Home Depot to get some tools
* First pool test
* Get ready for tomorrow
* Go to bed... Yay !

It's going to be a long day... But that's the way we like that :)

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