Thursday, July 12, 2007

Time for an update

Hi everyone and sorry for the lacks of update for the pass few days. We've been very busy in the pool for numerous tests.

So here it goes. Since our hotel allows us to get in the pool at only 8pm we got a friend of our to lend us a pool so we can do our own test in the day. Basically we were able to test everything we had to except the pinger. We were able to dock with a light, follow pipes and drop in the center of a bin.

Last night though we encountered some problems. We weren't able to control our vehicle proprely. Our sub wasn't keeping its heading nor is depth. We putted in a very late nighter to fix the problem and we though we had. But then this morning at the SSC in San Diego, the pool competition, we came over the very same problem. We tunned our machine and two or three minutes after it was messed up again. After debugging and our old technical leader arrival, we finally found the bug.

With the bug being fixed, we had one of our best competition test day ever. We actually did all of the mission, set aside the X grabbing station. In other words, we docked a light, we dropped in a bin, we followed the pipes and we made surface over the pinger.

With almost every station done, we are now left to heavily test our states transitions and our X grabbing device. We should mount our X device tonight and test it over and over.

Tomorrow our current technical leader Tennesee Carmel-Veilleux will be doing the static judging and we should be in the pool to test our mission for Saturday, which is the preliminary day.

Later tonight, I'm going to try very hard to post some picture of our few days in San Diego.


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